Dementia specialist

Helping You Prepare for the Future While Living Successfully
in the Moment

Working With People Having Dementia/Alzheimer’s Issues

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The Only Professional Dementia Practitioner in the Midwest

I am Kathy Adkins RN, a dementia specialist working with families to keep people with dementia in the home. I aim to incorporate the newest and best methods to cope with and prevent dementia. I have devoted my life to assisting everyone and providing dementia patients with better care. I also offer dementia and elder care certification courses online and in person across the Midwest.

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Just a Call Away

As a dementia and Alzheimer’s care specialist, I guide families and clients through the healthcare delivery system, create care plans, and provide referrals from organizations, suppliers of medical supplies, and healthcare information. I regularly report to you and your PCP to ensure everyone receives the best care possible. My service is available to clientele of all ages.

Dementia Specialist
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Facility Placement

I arrange facility placement if necessary. I am a former D.O.N. for advice on where to go. Unlike other services offered in the area, I do not accept payment from facilities. I make decisions and suggestions based on the best placement for your loved one.

I will represent you in the decision-making process. After placement, I continue to work with families. Children of aging parents who live elsewhere can be certain that I am just a phone call away.

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“Your Future”

I provide a remarkable service that allows you to determine whether you will contract this dreadful disease with a 95% degree of certainty. Dementia starts 20-30 years before the symptoms show up.

Please get in touch to experience the power of knowledge. Limited numbers of appointments are available weekly. Please visit my YouTube channel to learn more about my work.

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How Can I Help

The dementia specialist provides an evaluation to determine the current stage of the disease. I define and set goals for the person with dementia (PWN) and caregiver and cultivate an environment to maximize the diagnosed person’s independence.

My services include but are not limited to:

  • Creating Strategies to Minimize Symptoms
  • Restoring a Sense of Normalcy in the Home to the Extent Possible
  • Recommending Measures for Home Safety
  • Designing a Setting to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Guilt
  • Providing Support and Structure in Dealing With the Disease
  • Developing Solutions to Ongoing, Dementia-related Problems
  • Creating Teamwork Among Family Members and Caregivers 
  • Providing Objective Feedback and Guidance
  • Assisting With Placement Decisions if Needed

I am dedicated to helping you prepare for the future while living successfully in the moment.